30+ Pretty Doll Images

Flappyimages.com – A special toy which is shaped just like human called a doll. We call our dolls with different names, specially children. Children like to enjoy with these pretty dolls but it is not only for kids. Some people love to play with dolls during their teen age and after teen age as well. Some decades ago people made their dolls from different materials, mostly clay, it was the preferred material used to make their handsome dolls.

Some couple of years ago, clay was an important ingredient to make beautiful dolls. But in this fast and modern world dolls are available in different sizes made of unique and precious material. The basic material used to make their attractive dolls is soft fur, soft clothes , beautiful plastic and many more things. Commonly, girls love to collect a large number of dolls in their childhood and in teen age as well. Collection of dolls is an important and common hobby for most of the girls. The Queen of the England is on the peak of those who collect many precious and expensive dolls on a large-scale.

Now a days people mostly use dolls as gifts. These Barbie and loving dolls is a casual toy in current century most of the child love to have beautiful dolls. Now a days many animations, books, Novels, blogs, web sites , stories are made on it. Dolls were started and introduced in 1959 but this hobby is on the top now. After the last century dolls are being purchased on a large-scale all over the world. The variety of dresses, styles and qualities of dolls and other toys is available in the market. Usually most of the girls want to have this common toy in their childhood.

I present you with a precious collection of beautiful doll pictures. I am sure all of you will love this stunning collection.


DECENT DOLL Photo by Katie K.   Some rights reserved



ROMANTIC DOLL Photo by Zhao !  Some rights reserved
ATTRACTIVE EYES Photo by Zhao !  Some rights reserved
AMAZING CUTE DOLL Photo by Olga Filonenko  Some rights reserved
LOVING DOLL Photo by JollyRose  Some rights reserved
LOVELY PINK DOLL Photo by Katie K.    Some rights reserved
ATTITUDE Photo by JollyRose  Some rights reserved
STYLO Photo by Kana Natsuno      Some rights reserved
AWESOME DOLL Photo by Kana Natsuno Some rights reserved



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